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Turnkey Electric to Provide Custom Enclosure Fabrication
January 15th, 2007

Turnkey Electric LLC today announced their entry into the manufacturing of industrial grade generator containers in initial sizes ranging from 20 to 45 feet. New services will include custom design and engineered solutions for both stationary and mobile applications, providing the group with manufacturing capacity for mobile power modules and generator trailers in house for 800kW to 2250kW power outputs.

“This product addition helps ensure all of our quality power systems are more adaptable to fulfill a much a wider range of applications”, commented Kyle Barnette, Managing Partner for Group Operations. “The decision will let us better capitalize on generator equipment coming onto the market, and package it professionally to meet a broader base of project requirements.”

Clients will retain the options of providing their own switchgear, breaker and load management equipment, or can rely on existing product channels through Turnkey Electric for full service sourcing and integration of all components.

For more information, visit the Packaging section on Turnkey's website by clicking here, or call Turnkey Electric LLC toll free today at 1-800-939-7480.


Turnkey Electric to Acquire Three Generator Companies
September 17th, 2007

Worldwide power distributor Turnkey Electric LLC today announced completion of take over efforts for three privately owned power system companies within the US market.

Included within the acquisitions were Chicago-based mobile power and trailer distributor Power Advanced (www.poweradvanced.com),and two Boston-based marketing groups specializing in the wholesale distribution of power modules and liquidation inventory - Generator Surplus (www.generatorsurplus.com) and Express Generators (www.expressgenerators.com).

The company acquisitions were undertaken to add new product lines and technical experience to Turnkey Electric’s portfolio, complimenting current staff, brand visibility, and resources for entrance into the mobile power module market.


Refueling Trailers Recognized For Craftsmanship and Design
May 29th, 2007

Turnkey Electric is pleased to recommend and represent the Fuel Boy line of quality refueling trailers, manufactured by Field Pup Refueling Technologies in Milford, IL. The high quality fuel trailers are designed with longevity and field use in mind, featuring design and craftsmanship advantages that place them as a clear leader in the fuel trailer industry. Field Pup units come with 300, 500, 750, or 1000 gallon tanker systems, and can include a wide variety of options such as pump type, metering, hose reels, stainless steel tanks, double wall tanks, and specialist units for aviation and government use.

For more information, call Turnkey Electric today at 1-800-939-7480, visit Field Pup’s photo gallery online, or call them direct at their manufacturing plant on 1-815-889-4168.


New Caterpillar Database Improves Generator Location
May 2nd, 2007

A new cooperative venture with Turnkey Electric LLC is dramatically improving customer access to high quality Caterpillar power generating units around the globe. Dubbed internally as CAT-UL (for Caterpillar Unlimited), the project includes real time data streaming and inventory pooling from more than thirty of the largest Caterpillar dealerships worldwide. The focus of the technological project is to improve the ability for power buyers to visit one central location online and quickly assess inventory availability to streamline their purchasing efforts. For more information on data access and availability, please contact Turnkey Electric today at 1-603-686-5340.


Sourcing Program Improves Buyer Access to Rare Power Units
April 11th, 2007

Turnkey Electric LLC has announced their new Power Buyer initiative, a global distribution project designed to greatly enhance customer access to hard-to-find generator units, components, and rare replacement parts. The program was created to let active power buyers benefit from current equipment listings from more than three hundred electrical distributors and equipment yards worldwide.

“The project is a very positive advancement for our existing clients and future customers that are looking for power generators that may be harder to find”, stated Kyle Barnette, co-founder of Turnkey Electric LLC. “It will provide a single point of focus whereby we can almost instantly locate wanted equipment nationally and around the world, while providing multiple selections for better pricing options to give the client more choice”.

The new system allows Turnkey Electric to instantly place a “Unit Wanted” message among participating inventory yards, affiliates, and distribution alliances. In most cases, the company is able to provide buyers with multiple unit choices within a matter of hours, potentially saving days and even weeks of research in the traditional manner.


Turnkey Electric to Add New Mobile Light Tower Division
February 22nd, 2007

Turnkey Electric LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its mobile light tower and light generator trailer division - Light Towers USA. The new sales organization will offer top light towers ranging from 4kW to 25kW, and include special offers from Terex /  Genie Industries, Multiquip, Baldor, Magnum, Mobilight, and Allmand. For more information on select units and their applications, please visit Light Towers USA on the web today at www.lighttowers.net.

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